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Allworx is more than just a phone system. It’s a state-of-the-art communication system that integrates a sophisticated phone system, a robust data network, and software tools that work together to increase employee productivity and business revenues. This means that you don’t have to compromise on the features you have today to use the features of tomorrow. Because Allworx is so feature rich, you control your transition to VoIP and more.

  • Make calls via Voice over Internet (VoIP) or traditional phone lines or any combination of both – automatically.
  • Select any mixture of PBX or Key system features.
  • Choose from the most complete set of key phone features including DSS/BLF, hands free intercom, and true line appearance on traditional or VoIP lines.
  • Connect via the Internet for remote users providing the same functionality as local users.
  • Connect site-to-site for free VoIP calling and seamless transfer between offices.
  • Manage incoming calls with our built in nine auto attendants, optional call queuing or live answer position.
  • Leverage our PC network to manage your data and eliminate redundant or old network equipment.
  • Improve the security of your network by using our SPI firewall.
  • Auto-backup files with Allworx OfficeSafe.
  • Turn features on as you need them.
  • Integrates into any existing network and telephone lines Allworx adjusts to your requirements.


Ipitomy The IPitomy line of IP PBX systems is a powerful business communications platform. It is a pure IP PBX designed to expand the capabilities of any business. IPitomy extends the power of Internet Telephony to businesses with up to 500 users Powerful text messaging with all users plus text messaging with cell phones using any XMPP chat client. Full presence management in the office or from a mobile phone such as the IPhone or Android. The IP1100 supports screen pops in Microsoft Outlook and Google using InGenius software. Integrations for TAPI and CRM applications like and Sugar CRM round out an impressive application platform that will meet the needs of any organization.



Is the Emerald ICE the Right Choice for me?

The Emerald ICE is one of the newest designed telephone systems currently available to the small business sector. What does that mean to you? It means that the ICE has features that competitor’s systems lack at twice the price. Now your small business can have a competitive edge at fraction of the price.

Does this describe your needs?

  • Less than 50 users, but plan to grow.
  • Need to portray an image of a bigger organization.
  • Might like to use inexpensive cordless phones with CID.
  • Might like to listen to a message being left in voice mail.
  • Sometimes would like to record conversations.
  • Employees may need audio instructions on phone features.
  • Would like a mix of executive or value-oriented telephones.


Vertical Comdial DX-120 Business Communications System:

Sophisticated Telecommunications Solution in a Flexible, Highly Scalable Package

The DX-120 Business Communications System is designed to give growing enterprises all the sophisticated communications features of big-company digital systems in an affordable, easy to use and highly scalable package. The DX-120 system includes desktop and cordless speakerphone endpoints, a reception console and a comprehensive feature set of nearly 200 functions previously available only on high-end PBXs. It supports both T1/ISDN-PRI and analog trunking, conferencing, powerful voicemail and auto-attendant options and remote configuration.

Expands as Your Business Grows

The DX-120 system delivers enterprise-grade productivity without the complexity, cost and management responsibilities of a larger system. Its modular architecture and both analog and digital trunking (T1 and ISDN-PRI) enable small enterprises to get started today with a reliable digital communications solution with the assurance that it can be expanded to grow in step with the business. Administration is fast and easy with the modem options, which enable remote access and configuration of system parameters. Growing your communications system to keep pace with the success of your organization has never been so easy – or so affordable.

Overhead Paging Systems

Digital Telecom offers integrated voice paging and intercom systems, and provides paging systems to meet your most demanding requirements. By directing important calls to the right person faster, our paging systems reduce holding times, prevent hang-ups, minimize lost calls and increase productivity. Your business runs more efficiently and your customers are happier.





IP Surveillance Cameras

We offer a portfolio of full HD vandal and weather-proof IP surveillance cameras that range from outdoor cameras with water-shielded, resistant casing to protect against vandalism and harsh weather conditions, while capturing excellent image quality. In addition we offer a range of indoor cameras featuring 5-megapixel resolution and high-performance H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG · If an intruder enters the camera’s field of vision, recording is automatically triggered through the Motion Detection feature. While two-way audio support with external microphone or speaker connectivity enables users to warn off trespassers/intruders.

With IP Surveillance Cameras Multiple authorized parties can simultaneously view real-time footage anytime, anywhere from the same camera through web browsers.

  • Digitized video offers much higher resolution than their analog predecessors.
  • Intelligent functions embedded in surveillance equipment can detect, identify, and track objects in real-time reducing false alarms.
  • Connection with 3G cellular phones allows for a mobile surveillance system in the palm of your hand.

Premier Technologies

Music/Information on Hold

We offer professionally written and recorded messages custom tailored to your business. On Hold Messaging helps reach listeners with engaging, relevant, and meaningful information about your business. An effective strategy will educate and motivate, reinforce other marketing efforts, and expand your opportunities.

Premier Technologies


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